Boulder Crest Retreat Arizona opened in May 2017. The Retreat's 130 idyllic and historic acres were the original homestead of Thomas Gardner, an entrepreneur who battled the Apache Indians, to include Geronimo and Cochise. In 1861, Gardner was shot by Cochise, a renowned Warrior, and lived with a bullet lodged in his chest for 10 years, before having it removed by an Army surgeon. Gardner and his wife had 12 children of which only five lived till adulthood. Like Virginia, the land is a true Warrior's paradise, and the stories of those who roamed both properties is a potent reminder that Warriors have long used times of struggle to create deep strength and growth. 

The Retreat is open to combat veterans (defined as anyone who deployed to a war zone) from any generation and conflict and first responders, and is proud to welcome active-duty, reserve and National Guard personnel, veterans and family members, to include Gold Star families.

On our 130 acres, you will find:

  • Five-star lodging for up to 28 people

  • A lodge that can accommodate large group gatherings and outside events

  • A three-lane archery range with 3-D targets

  • Horses, donkeys, and longhorn steer

  • A labyrinth

  • A tipi

  • Walking and hiking trails

  • Outdoor exercise area

  • A children's playground

  • A fishing pond

  • Walled garden

In addition, Boulder Crest Retreat Arizona is located within minutes of the historic Arizona National Scenic Trail, an hour from the famous town of Tombstone, and 45 minutes south of Tucson.

Address: 415 Gardner Canyon Road, Sonoita, Arizona 85637

Phone: 520-455-4668