Whether you have served for four years or forty, the process of transitioning out of the military can be a frightening and, at times, overwhelming journey into the unknown. There are no shortage of resources offered to transitioning service members, ranging from the military's formal transition programs to the plethora of benevolent organizations that offer their expertise and support.

This seminar was absolutely FANTASTIC! Excellent presentations, comfortable, different from the military transition program, and a wealth of caring/sharing individuals to speak with and gain insight.
— Career PATHH Participant

Despite available support, there is ample evidence to suggest we can do better in preparing soon-to-be veterans for the next chapter of their lives. More than two-thirds of post-9/11 veterans report struggling with transition; 65 percent of veterans departed their first post-military job within two years. 

With nearly 250,000 service members transitioning every single year, it is critical that we create a process that works. A model that recognizes the unique and remarkable strengths of our men and women in and out of uniform, and that also acknowledges the breadth of challenges - practical, emotional, psychological and financial - inherent in such a major life change.

After attending the military’s Transition Assistance Program, I was very impressed with the impactful and thought-provoking program designed to change a mindset vice simply providing “tools” for job search, etc....
— Career PATHH Participant

That is why we created Career PATHH. Career PATHH is a one-day, innovative and interactive seminar that focuses on providing the wisdom and tools required for a successful transition. It is designed to complement the military's formal transition program and focuses on the real objective of transition: ensuring that transitioning service members achieve clarity. Clarity to understand where they want to live, what kind of life they want to live, how they want to spend their time and what type of job represents the right fit in that context. 

Career PATHH is open to any and all transitioning service members and spouses or transitioned veterans and spouses and is provided at no cost. If you are interested in attending our next Career PATHH on September 26, 2015, please register today

I thought this was a first rate event. It was extremely well organized and presented. Very complementary to some of the topics covered in the executive transition (TAP) seminar. Thank you for an outstanding experience!
— Career PATHH Participant