At Boulder Crest Retreat, we believe every member of the military family is a hero. In its classic definition, a hero is someone who gives of their body or spirit in pursuit of a cause greater than themselves. There is no doubt, particularly after 14 years of war, that military spouses meet this definition.

To that end, we run short-duration, high-impact retreats focused on providing couples with time to rest and reconnect after long absences and stressful deployments. Some of these programs are delivered in concert with some of our remarkable partners (click here for more information) and others are delivered by Boulder Crest Retreat staff and our team of providers. These programs are often 3 days in duration. 

After much service and sacrifice, our military and veteran couples deserve nothing less than the opportunity to enjoy Boulder Crest Retreat's safe, sacred and trusted setting. 

If you or someone you know is interested in attending Couples PATHH, please contact