After 3.5 years of success at Boulder Crest Retreat Virginia, and in recognition of considerable demand for our programs and services, we acquired Boulder Crest Retreat Arizona in May 2017. 

Boulder Crest Retreat Arizona's sits on 130 historic acres, which were first homesteaded by Thomas Gardner (pictured below with his family).


An article in an 1888 issue of the Philadelphia Times described Gardner as follows:

β€œHe can neither read nor write, but he is well informed on all current topics, and is sharp and shrewd on any type of trade. He is a tall, heavily built man, with long iron-gray hair and grizzled beard. His whole appearance betokens a robust constitution, and people in the mountains say that, notwithstanding his age, in a rough and tumble fight, he can whip any man for miles around. He is known far and wide for his sterling integrity and when Arizona eventually takes its stand among the other states of the union, his name will rank among the foremost pioneers.”
— Philadelphia Times, 1888

A full drawing of the property shows how Boulder Crest Retreat Arizona will utilize the property.