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“More than 380,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and about 1 in 5 of them return with post-traumatic stress disorder. One unorthodox veterans’ retreat is teaching female soldiers that war has not broken them. In fact, their anguish may be key to their transformation.” — Jim Rendon

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PRESS RELEASE | Boulder Crest Retreat Expands Out West

PRESS RELEASE | Boulder Crest Retreat Expands Out West


SONOITA, Ariz., July 6, 2017 (Newswire.com) - Today, Boulder Crest Retreat announces a $10 million donation from the A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation. This is the largest gift in Boulder Crest Retreat's history. The gift provides the capacity to expand its programs to the western United States for veterans and families who are healing from combat-related stress.

A century after ‘shell shock,’ struggle to address post-combat trauma continues

Many of us do not appreciate the significance of World War I and the immeasurable impact it had on the 20th century and our lives. The period of U.S. involvement not only brought social and economic growth and innovation, but also the intellectual foundation for our current understanding of the psychological wounds of war.

Always Memorial Produces Custom Bronze Battle Cross for Boulder Crest Retreat

Tyler Fraser, CEO of Always Memorial, announces the completion and unveiling of a custom made bronze naval battle cross for Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness in Bluemont, Virginia.

“We are honored to work with Ken and Julia Falke, at Boulder Crest Retreat. The Falke's work in helping thousands of veterans since 9/11 is amazing and it is a privilege and honor to produce this bronze memorial,” said Tyler.

To Help Vets, Overhaul How We Treat PTSD

One out of every three Americans returning home from Iraq or Afghanistan struggles with psychological wounds, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They are your neighbors, coworkers, and friends. After serving our country, they become cogs in a byzantine system, delivered outmoded treatments and profit-driven pharmacology that produce sub-par results. The current veteran suicide rate of 20 per day should shock the conscience. Equally alarming, however, is the fact that only half of those with PTSD seek treatment, and 20 percent of those who seek help, actually complete their treatments.

Strategic Retreat: 'Post-traumatic growth' helps war vets find their futures

In November 2016, the Washington Post wrote an extensive piece on our Warrior PATHH program. The article has subsequently been re-published in newspapers across the country, most recently in the Sarasota Tribune. You can access the article HERE or below.

All Marine Radio hosts Ken Falke for live radio interview

In case you missed it, on January 25, 2017 All Marine Radio hosted Ken Falke to discuss the concept of "post-traumatic growth" and the groundbreaking work that's been done at Boulder Crest Retreat and what the future holds for this approach to treating PTS. Below, you can listen to the entire interview broken into four different segments. Enjoy!

The Mighty 25: Veterans to watch in 2017

As featured on: The Mighty 25: Veterans to watch in 2017, January 25, 2017

After their service, many veterans find ways to continue to make great strides across the nation and the globe — from the arts to politics to non-profit organizations. One of the great privileges we enjoy here at We Are The Mighty is that we learn about and meet veterans who are doing really incredible, meaningful and sometimes truly badass things, every day.

Each year, we have the honor of choosing The Mighty 25 — a list of veterans whose amazing accomplishments suggest they are poised for major impact in the coming year.

It’s always tough narrowing those who’ve really made an impression — veterans we want other veterans to know about — to a list of 25, because for every individual selected, there are several others who could easily take their place

Certainly, there are veterans we’d be honored to highlight year after year. In order to keep things fresh, however, we try to cover a broad sweep of the veteran community and to highlight people we think our readers might like to track in the coming year. These are vets who make us proud, and we’re excited to follow their work as the year progresses.

See our Founder and Chairman as number 9! Click here to read more!


Helping Our Heroes Heal

Wall Street Journal, December 21, 2016

In this season, we should remember that we are called to love our neighbor as we would like to be loved, and that these gifts can come in many forms. Among them is the healing power found in medical advances that for America’s veterans have provided miracles in dealing with war’s visible wounds. However, success in dealing with invisible ones, like post-traumatic stress (PTS), can be more difficult.

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates between 11% and 20% of Iraqi and Afghan war vets suffer from PTS in any given year, contributing to unacceptably high suicide rates and difficulties re-integrating warriors into family, work and life.

Julia and Ken Falke faced this challenge. Ken was a Navy bomb-disposal expert who was seriously injured in a 1989 exercise. During his recovery, he learned not to let adversity diminish him, but to draw on the experience to grow as a person.

Boulder Crest Retreat is featured in the American Psychological Association's publication - The Military Psychologist

BCR's efforts were recently spotlighted in an American Psychological Association's publication - The Military Psychologist, which noted, "We have found BCR to be unique in the level of comprehensive care it provides. We are also impressed with the potential the program has to become a model for establishing and developing effective grassroots community based programs for veterans and family members." Read the article here

Boulder Crest Retreat Welcomes Two New Board Members

Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness welcomes two new members to their board of directors. The two new members bring with them a wealth of military experience that will be helpful in fulfilling the vision and mission of the retreat. Lieutenant Generals U.S. Army retired, John A. Dubia and Raymond Palumbo join the board that helps to guide the therapeutic retreat created for combat veterans, and especially those with combat-related stress, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and physical injuries.

“We are honored to have these two gentleman joining our board,” explains Ken Falke, chairman and founder of Boulder Crest Retreat.

John A. Dubia is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General who attended Georgetown University, and then graduated from the United States Military Academy as a lieutenant in Field Artillery. He commanded three artillery battalions, and commanded a direct support artillery battalion in the 1st Armored Division in Germany. In addition, he has held key positions with troops and battalions, as well as serving as director of the Army staff. Upon retiring from the military in 1999, he joined the Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Association (AFCEA) International as Vice President for Operations, later becoming Executive Vice President. He also holds a master’s in business administration and has completed the Advanced Management Program at the Rutgers University School of Business.

Ray Palumbo is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General who has spent the last thirty-four years leading and managing both special and conventional operations forces during peacetime and in combat. His last job for the military was as the Pentagon’s Director for Defense Intelligence. He has been instrumental in rapidly delivering critical aviation platforms, sensors, communication systems, and information processing capabilities to US and Coalition fighters in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere around the globe. Today he is the founder of Venturi Solutions, LLC, which provides solutions in global defense, security, aviation, intelligence, and energy sectors. He has a bachelor’s degree from West Point, a master’s in science from Central Michigan University, and a master’s in strategic studies from the U.S. War College.

Both officers joining the board are highly decorated and have prestigious military awards.

“Our mission is to help combat veterans and their families heal so they can live the great lives they deserve – full of passion, purpose and pride – here at home,” added Falke. “Having board members on our team that have spent their entire careers in the military and fully understand our mission is very important to our continued success.”