Helped me find what I had lost...value.
Without being able to attend Warrior Pathh, i probably would not be here today. I was at my rock bottom, and BCR brought me back to life. Gave me my sense of purpose back.
I have nothing in my life to compare Warrior Pathh to. It is going to take the coming days - weeks - months for me to truly be able to tell you how effective this has been. I desperately want to be able to tell you that this has been 110% effective, but I don’t want to embellish or exaggerate. I know my life, and my family’s life, has been forever changed. Both for the extreme positive and a more calm neutral. That alone is more than I could have ever asked for from anyone. My promise to you is this: I will do whatever I can to make this effective, to ensure that what I have learned here is not a perishable skill, but a lifestyle change.
When I thought there was no hope left for me, the program opened doors and opportunities for me, as well as transformed my life forever. I have many new tools to keep on the right path. thank you, BCR, for giving me my life back.
Army Med has been trying for 10 years to fix what Warrior Pathh figured out how to do in five days. Granted now I have to do maintenance, but I am fairly certain that five days is quite a bit less than ten years.
This very personal and in depth experience has really made my life better in such a short period of time. The staff was so amazing and the people I was with, im leaving here with a family, and a whole new support network of people I want to talk to and see more. I plan on continuing my recovery and coming back one day to be apart of this great change in the wellness of veterans mental health. I love you all and this program.
Glad to be a accepted into this tribe. It really feels like someone is willing to help me with the load instead of just telling me they are.
This program has been so much more insightful, fun and welcoming than I ever thought it would have being a veteran’s program and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be recommending to other combat veteran’s I meet.
It was awesome!.....Most likely saved my life!
The program is very effective and provided tools to cope with our difficulties. I had a goal of learning how to deal with my cycles of emotion. These emotions had blinded me for years. Now its time to put that knowledge to use. The only challenge would be following up with the routine and still function on my day-to-day. I would recommend this program to any warriors and definitely friends that can benefit from these classes. This program exceeded my expectation. I’ve learned so much and had many enlightening moments. Thank you for the opportunity.
This is a program that would benefit so many people - should be a requirement for veterans.
The Warrior PATHH Program has been extremely helpful to me. I feel that I now have skills and tools to help me through my recovery process. The team was very knowledgeable and patient with me which made me more confidant that I was at the right place. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to attend this one of a kind retreat with the best of the best providers and friends!
This program is amazing! I feel so inspired. I think the way to be a better leader and member of a team/society is to be honest with ourselves, others, and truly connect. But it is super scary and due to the stigma in the military and the uncertainty of our job in today’s downsizing force it is difficult. However how wonderful would it be to recognize our traumas and difficulties and be honest about it so others could feel comfortable doing the same. It would be strength and not weakness. If we could do that now while Soldiers are in active duty we wouldn’t have the large number of veterans needing so much help 10-15 years after service. It is amazing to know that there are other resources our there outside the confines of our military system. That it is more than shoving your feelings and thoughts down to a secure box in a deep deep cave, or sitting in front of a therapist and just venting. There are other helpful ways. I just pray that I can use the skills on going and that it will sharpen my response time to when I do need it i.e. deployments.
This was so much more than I could have ever imagined as far as helping WW2. I can’t imagine changing anything except putting a pellet stove in downstairs in the Lodge because it is so cold down there and the small space heaters really are not enough. Everything else PUUURFECT! I can’t thank you enough.
My whole outlook on life has done a complete 180. I could never thank the staff of BCR enough for what they’ve done for me. They gave me my second chance.
After years of therapy, technology and medication, I was finally shone a real PATHH. A path that doesn’t seem so daunting to walk. Thank you BCR, I am going to take advantage of this second chance at life that I deserve.
I’m leaving knowing that i have a long road ahead of me but unlike when I walked through the gates, I don’t feel hopeless. The program has breathed new life in me and although I leave with some reservations I feel confident that I can apply what I’ve learned and lean on my new brothers and the amazing Boulder Crest Team.
I went from a man who was not connected with himself to a man who knew himself and recognized the beauty in his own gentleness and strength. This program was amazing. I am endlessly grateful for the experience. I will be coming back and bearing witness to those who walk the PATHH in the future.
There are amazing things happening here…
PATHH program was a great experience. I’m looking forward to visit, refer people and help anyway I can.