Warrior PATHH: Six Months of Success

In January 2016, the Marcus Foundation invested $1.05 million to make this vision a reality. This investment focused on two areas of work: the development of the curriculum, inclusive of the Warrior PATHH Instructor Guide, Warrior PATHH Student Guide, Warrior PATHH Journal, Warrior PATHH Syllabus, and Warrior PATHH Schedule of Events; and an 18-month longitudinal study of four pilot programs, conducted by Drs. Tedeschi and Moore, to assess the effectiveness and impact of Warrior PATHH.

While the 18-month study remains ongoing, the early results (at the 6-month mark) provide quantitative evidence of what we know to be qualitatively true: Warrior PATHH doesn’t only reduce symptoms substantially; it enables students to live the great lives they deserve here at home. Warrior PATHH unlocks the value of military training and combat experience, and allows combat veterans to be the calm, connected, and congruent leaders desperately needed in their families, communities, and country.

To learn more about the six-month results, you can watch the video below, or read the full six-month report.