It is estimated that more than 700,000 combat veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are struggling with some form of combat-related stress. That statistic - combined with other deeply troubling ones around suicide, substance abuse and violence - bear witness to the fact that the current system and strategy simply are not having their desired effect. We believe that has less do with intentions and commitment and far more to do with an approach that simply is not working: the use of the medical model (which leverages clinical settings, diagnoses and pharmaceuticals) to address psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges.

We are the nation's first privately-funded rural wellness center dedicated exclusively to preparing combat veterans and their families for their new mission at home. Given that unique first-in-the-nation status, Boulder Crest Retreat is presented with a profound opportunity: the ability to serve as the proving ground for a new approach to mental health and combat stress - one we call PATHH (Progressive and Alternative Training for Healing Heroes). 

That opportunity is made possible by our exclusive use of private funding, something that enables us to adapt to changing circumstances, work with a wide range of subject matter experts and thought leaders from across the country and globe, and to inject the flexibility and innovation required to solve this complex challenge. 

In light of the progress and breakthroughs we have made since opening, Boulder Crest Retreat is proceeding with the second phase of our plan: developing the nation's first comprehensive solution to combat stress recovery. 


  • Leverage the success of our PATHH Programs.
  • Create the nation’s first comprehensive curriculum for combat stress recovery, inclusive of instructor and student guides and train-the-trainer programs for a blend of military and civilian instructors across the country.
  • Partner with leading academic institutions and experts to develop robust program evaluation metrics.
  • Develop a technology platform (MY PATHH) that ensures program benefits are sustained once participants return to their daily lives.
  • Scale the Boulder Crest Retreat model to at least 10 communities across the nation, which have the highest concentrations of veterans (as indicated by the BCR symbols on the map below).

Since opening our doors, we have consistently and repeatedly seen the transformative value of delivering programs in a safe, sacred and rural setting. It ensures that program participants and guests can escape the stress of daily lives, enjoy the peace and quiet that nature has to offer, and begin to prepare for their future. To that end, we anticipate that over the coming years we will pursue the construction of additional facilities that are focused on combat veterans and their families. If you are presently building a retreat, have an existing facility or are interested in creating one, please contact us at with the subject line "Retreat Partner."