Words cannot describe how much we appreciate what you have done for our family. What you provided for us and other members of the Armed Forces is truly a blessing. Your cabins and grounds truly are gorgeous! We had such a relaxing and enjoyable week here and hope to return one day. The dinner by the baseball team was very humbling and memorable. Archery was a BLAST! Our children enjoyed all of the festivities as well and were sad to leave. Thank you again for all you do and for the amazing opportunity you provided our family with!
If Boulder Crest were not here, I wouldn’t be either. Thank you.
Thank you so much for providing us with this opportunity and taking care of us beyond our expectations. The grounds are beautiful and peaceful, the cabins are so warm and relaxing, and all of the staff and volunteers were incredibly welcoming. We appreciate all you do for our service members, and are so amazed such a wonderful place exists. Thanks for including us in this experience.
Thank you for giving us this AMAZING opportunity to stay in this amazing cabin! This is a very beautiful, peaceful place to be when you want to get away. Archery was really cool experience! Thank you for everything you for our soldiers!! We hope to come again soon!
“We cannot express proper gratitude to the staff, volunteers, contributors and visionary who made Boulder Crest Retreat. My family and I have never experienced such personal and specialized service. The true healing nature of this experience lies in the fact that there are people left in the world who are willing to give and ask nothing in return. I have been deployed three times and had just about conceded to the fact that the very foundation of humanity that I have fought for was gone but the love, charity, sincerity, concern and understanding that was given to me and my family during our stay here reminded me of exactly what it is that was worth fighting for. That is what helps repair hurting hearts and troubled minds. Carrie and Bob and Lori were absolutely wonderful and giving while we were here and we cannot thank them enough. My wish is that EVERY service member who has deployed has the opportunity to experience this kind of kindness somewhere in their lifetime.”
Thank you for this amazing week! It was peaceful, breath taking, and more importantly FUN! We had fun relaxing in this cozy cabin, shooting arrows at the archery range and roasting marshmallows at the bonfire. This is an amazing way to show appreciation to our soldiers. Thank you for taking care of us!
Thank you so much for everything! I can not believe how spiritually awesome this journey was. And I am so excited to see what our life will be, once we get home. There is so much power here. The healing is incredible. God is amazing and can do so much. And this place was apart of that! God bless all of you!
I wasn’t sure how this trip would end because of how it started. There was fighting yelling screaming event to the point my wife had to leave. Then the healing began. i feel free of my past and can smile on a daily basis. I am now leaving here with my wife. Our relationship stronger and ready to face the world. God has worked a miracle in me and my family. God bless and we love you.
Our weekend here at Boulder Crest was so relaxing, peaceful and so needed for our daughter and ourselves. We are so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to vacation at no cost to a breathtaking beautiful cabin and scenery with many activities. Our daughter love to visit with the horses and chickens and my husband just loved being in this beautiful place with a break from the everyday work life. Our first family vacation was more than we could have imagined. Thanks for your hospitality and generosity. We are forever thankful and feeling so blessed.
Thank you for allowing my family to come and stay and play here. We are so greatly blessed for all the kindness as well as assistance from all the staff here. You made my kids feel so special. Thank you for answering all my emails, as well as setting up archery lessons with a super awesome teacher and then managing to set up a spaghetti dinner where a baseball team came to serve us dinner. The grounds and cabins are amazing. We are truly thankful and blessed. This is place is so special. Let us know if we can ever help in anyway. Thank you again.
I’m a paralyzed veteran. When you live in a wheelchair it’s great to find place like Boulder Crest that is dimensionally correct for rolling everywhere in the cabin. My partner thoroughly enjoyed the fireplace and chance to relax in a well-appointed setting. Though I approached it with a bit of trepidation, I got to enjoy rolling around the grounds on a tracked wheelchair. We’re headed out the door shortly, but we’ve both committed ourselves to growing the community of Boulder Crest Retreat supporters. Thanks to Ken and Julia Falke and the facility staff for making our stay a memorable experience.
Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place, this place for respite, a place to heal what can’t be seen. I felt safe here. Thank you all for being awesome.
Upon walking through the door I seen a smile on my husband face, that I hadn’t seen in years. He didn’t even smile when returning home from Iraq. This is the first night of our 4 night stay. Today has been so relaxing. My husband seems stress free for once, but so excited to meet other wounded warriors, vets, etc during our stay. The bed was so comfortable, LOL we need one at home.
Our first thought when we arrived is “can we just live here now?” and we are truly amazed at how quickly we were able to relax and actually feel at home. It can be difficult, you know this and have selflessly provided for everything that we could have asked for. The gift baskets were a wonderful addition because it let’s us feel as if we are taking a small piece home with us. We don’t know how to put into words how much this stay meant to us. The only part of the stay we don’t love is that it has to come to an end. We can’t thank you enough, everyone we interacted with, everyone who contributed in any way to this wonderful, truly magical experience. We are already counting down when we can come again!
What a beautiful retreat you have created here. The grounds and cabins are wonderful, as are all of the staff we have met. After going through a year of transition with the Wounded Warrior Battalion, Camp Lejeune, and my husband’s medical retirement. I feel like this was our first chance to stop and take a breath. A brain injury, shoulder and spine injuries, PTSD, 2 babies, selling a house, moving, retiring, job hunting, renting, buying another house, and adapting to a new normal was pretty overwhelming. This was the perfect place to pause and reflect on all of the blessings in our life, such as Boulder Crest Retreat. Thank you for a great memory.