Boulder Crest Retreat is the nation's first privately-funded rural wellness center dedicated exclusively to combat veterans and their families. Opened in September 2013, the Retreat serves approximately 700 guests annually. 

The Retreat is open to combat veterans (defined as anyone who deployed to a war zone) from any generation and conflict, and is proud to welcome active-duty, reserve and National Guard personnel, veterans and family members, to include Gold Star families.

We focus on providing short-duration, high-impact retreats for this remarkable community of heroes. Our Family Retreat program provides combat veterans and their families with the opportunity to stay, for 2-7 nights, in one of our beautiful cabins at no charge. Our PATHH programs focus on combat-related stress, and are 1, 3, 5 and 7 days in length.

One key element of our success is something that any service member or veteran can relate to - the concept of focus. We believe that too many organizations try to do too much for too many, and end up falling short in the process. At Boulder Crest Retreat, we are laser focused on one goal: providing combat veterans and their families with the rest, reconnection and recharging they deserve so they can learn to live in the present and focus on their future. 

This all takes place on our 37 idyllic acres set in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, just 50 miles west of Washington, D.C. We have hosted guests and participants from every state in the country, including Hawaii and Alaska. 

On our 37 acres, you will find:

  • Four cabins that each sleep up to six people
  • A lodge that can accommodate large group gatherings and outside events
  • A seven-lane archery range with 3-D targets
  • Two retired thoroughbred horses (Clayton and Gabriel)
  • A labyrinth
  • A tipi
  • Walking trails
  • Outdoor exercise area
  • A children's playground
  • A fishing pond
  • Chickens and rabbits
  • Heroes Garden: the nation's second handicapped-accessible walled garden

In addition, Boulder Crest Retreat is located within minutes of the historic Appalachian Trail and the Shenandoah River, where guests can hike, kayak, canoe and fish.

To learn more about these activities, click here.

The rural setting of the Retreat is critical to the rest, reconnection and recharging process, and holds a special connection to our nation's service members and veterans, many of whom hail from rural settings. This setting provides our guests and program participants with a safe, tranquil and sacred environment where they can escape the stresses of daily life, decompress, and begin planning for their future and the life they deserve - full of passion, purpose and service - here at home.